About J. Berry Skincare

Jennifer Berry Teague established herself as one of the Metroplex’s premier aestheticians over the course of a 15-year career. Much of her success came from the unique affinity she displayed for clients’ skincare needs. As a burgeoning client base became more and more impressed with Jennifer’s expertise, requests poured in for product recommendations and daily skincare advice. Jennifer, dedicated to her clients’ satisfaction, intensely researched available products to offer the best recommendations possible. To her surprise, she discovered that many luxury skincare lines relied upon chemical fillers and synthetic additives. Faced with a dearth of choices she could recommend with confidence, Jennifer began to formulate her own all-natural and organic products.

J. Berry Skincare, founded on the bedrock of Jennifer’s skincare expertise, grew from relentless experimentation and a fierce devotion to holistic principles. As products came together, Jennifer turned to a dedicated focus group — her clients and family — to refine and perfect her creations. Unlike most skincare lines, which are developed and tested behind closed doors, J. Berry Skincare evolved through personal interaction and direct feedback. Now anyone can enjoy the fruit of these efforts with a line of safe, all-natural products. J. Berry Skincare: Refresh. Renew. Feel good in your skin.